Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Progress with Boot Camp

Today, I begin my 13th week of boot camp.  Each round is 5 weeks with a week of rest in between rounds.  So this is the 3rd week of the 3rd round (15 weeks if you include rest weeks).  I've lost 10lbs, lost about 6% body fat and many inches....don't remember the inches, but just trust me, it's a lot.  My tummy is getting flat, the top row of my abs are showing when I contract, my arms are sporting some guns and I can do more lunges than you!  I think this is the first time in my entire life that I've had this much muscle.  And the compliments I get from everyone has been a great boost for me.  I don't mind going to the pool and wearing a bathing suit in front of everyone like I used to.

The new 3rd round started with a lot of changes.  Our boot camp instructor had moved on to better things.  It upset me because he gave me that whole "I'll never give up on you and be by your side through your whole journey" speech during round 1.  He has checked in on me, but its not the same.

He's also my Herbalife dude, and I'm starting to shy away from Herbalife for a little while.  It sure is expensive and I hate that there is a pill for every little thing you want to change about your body.  At the most, I was taking 4 pills in the morning, 3 pills for lunch, and another 4 pills at night.  That's just for Herbalife.  That doesn't include my medication that my doctor has me on.  Also, I was taking Healthy Meal shake mix with Protein Drink mix and Prolessa Duo all mixed in a blender in the morning.  Then at night, i had more healthy meal, more protein drink mix and some active fiber in a blender before bed.  It's starting to become not only too expensive, but ridiculous.  I was constantly thinking about Herbalife all day long.  So I'm taking a little break and seeing if I can get the same results.  I still consume my healthy meal and protein together if I need a protein shake after a workout.

It's not certain who our new instructor is.  Three instructors switch days.  One does all of the morning classes and the evening is sometimes shared or switch out with two other fellas.  And I can tell I'm not the only one that is loosing interest.  Each person has their different training styles, so you tend to pick a favorite and just go to that person's class.  So now my attendance has dwindled.  Not only that, but it's getting damn hot outside.  It's difficult to do serious training in triple-digit heat!  I might skip out the next round and get back into it in the fall.  This heat is giving my heart rate some serious issues.  During week 1, I felt light-headed, dizzy and nauseous.  My heart rate goes into the 190s-200s which is a ridiculous high rate for anyone.  I thought it was my asthma medication, so I stopped taking it.  My heart rate is still high during workouts.  During rest, it's completely normal.

Now if I can just keep going through the end of this round, I'd like to.  But after this round, I'm not sure what to do for working out.  I do know it better be inside with air conditioning!  I've always wanted to try TurboFire and just kick ass in my own living room.  Then pick up boot camp again in the Fall. We'll see!

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RYKER said...

Great job at getting fit! Just don't backslide, try to maintain till the fall! So proud of you!