Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet Arthur

So I have me a temporary foster boy.  He'll be here for another week or 2.  He was a stray in the Ft Worth shelter and on the EU list to be put down.  DASH, Dallas Australian Shepherd and Herding dogs rescue came to his need.  The problem was there weren't any fosters available at the time so they put him in a boarding kennel resort for dogs.  He got a bath, but that was about as much grooming as they gave him.  He stayed there for 30 days.  I was contacted by a lady with DASH that knew of my love for Aussies and asked if I would take him for a few weeks.  He was getting stir crazy and I wanted to get him out of there.

The poor fella had some wild hair and much of it was matted up.  Even though he had a bath at the boarding, he was still very dirty.  The kennel staff told me he was in really bad shape when he came in.  He needed a hair cut really bad.  His fur was very unhealthy, brittle and dry.  Other parts were really oily and stuck together.  You could smell the oil from far across the room.  He was still dirty because when you bathe him, you couldn't get past the top layer of fur.  And he had this huge thick lion's mane that was unruly.  I felt bad for the guy, so I took him home and cleaned him up.  I cut his fur pretty short in hopes that more healthy fur would grow in.  I gave him a huge bath and it took so much hair off of him.  His undercoat just fell out with the Furminator brand Shampoo and Conditioner.  I trimmed his nails and cleaned some really nasty ears.  I believe he has an ear infection and ear mites, so he goes to the vet tomorrow.  But after his clean up, he felt like a million dollars!  He looked so much better too.  He had his bounce in his step, and he gave me a ton of kisses after it was over.  He was such a happy guy.  It felt good to me and worth all of the work.

Over last week, Arthur has become affectionate and very sweet.  He plays with Reuben nonstop.  I think he's become really attached to him.  He has to be near Roo at all times.  They love bitey-face games and will lay next to each other playing bitey-face for hours.

He's about 3-4 years old.  He's pretty chill, not bouncing off the walls like Roo.  He doesn't have a drive for balls or frisbees, but he's working on that.  He isn't potty trained, but he's working on it.  He just has trouble holding his bladder and I think maybe he has a UTI (also going to the vet for that).  I think once that's cleared up, he'll be fine!  It feels good to give him a chance to experience a home-life.  We just adore him! :)

Here are some more pics of him:


An English Shepherd said...

Hi Athur, what a cute lad :-)

RYKER said...

Oh, he is so sweet! Bless you for all the work you are doing for him. Are you thinking of keeping him, I know you are.

Stephanie said...

Thanks! Ryker - No, he's just staying for a few weeks and either getting adopted or going to another foster home. I'm in an apartment and we are at our pet max. Arthur isn't allowed here but we have gotten away with it so far