Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Settling in to a new chapter

We moved to our brand new apartment last weekend. I had been counting down the days! It was a ton of work, but we are almost done unpacking and settling in. Loki, our cat, was really stressed on Saturday and Sunday, but he's calmed down. Jaymie, our boston terrier, loves the new place except we have hard floors now and she finds them difficult to get around on. Our place is beautiful! We are the first people to move into our unit. Its open floor plan, modern look and all new updated appliances. My garden soaking tub rocks my world and everything is absolutely perfect!

I can't ignore the fact that they have a HUGE new fitness facility. This isn't your average apartment fitness room, oh no! This is pretty much a gym built right in! They have a ton of treadmills and elliptical, all equipped with their own flat screen tv built right into the machines!! It also has all the weights and cable tension machines, free weights and a separate private area for floor exercise, stretching and yoga. This place is right down the hall from me. You know what that means? I have absolutely no more excuses! I can't say there is bad weather, or that I don't have the time. Just go in there and do it. With a resort-style pool and all the beautiful trendy people that live here, I need to step it up to somewhat fit in. Every person I've seen here looks like they walked right out of a Abercrombie ad.

We have enough stuff done around here to get started on working out, starting tomorrow!